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  • Leah Mann

August 2019 TuesdaysTogether

KLEM Studios can be found at the heart of Vickery Village, Suamico, WI - owned by Kate McFadzen, a boss-babe photographer who can take one heck of a photo, I know because she took mine. Her love of adventure and the outdoors is evident in her studio decor & you can tell from the carefully curated trinkets and gifts for sale in the KLEM Studios gift shop that she generously supports other business women within Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond… I want to buy it all.

We took advantage of the KLEM Studios space for our monthly TuesdaysTogether meeting. For those of you unfamiliar with TuesdaysTogether, it is a group for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners - whether established or just starting out - to get together with others in their community and learn something new about owning and running a successful business. In this group we stop being competitors and instead become friends, advocates, and resources. TuesdaysTogether has many chapters across the U.S., and ultimately exists under the umbrella of Rising Tide - a national organization committed to empowering the creative economy. You may have heard the expression “a rising tide lifts all boats,” - well, I think it explains itself.

This month’s topic was Email Marketing, something that I honestly hate as a consumer, but when done right, can work pretty well for your business. I think the fun-fact that surprised me the most is that Gen Z actually wants to be targeted through email. Makes sense considering they aren’t as obsessed with Facebook and social media as my millennial counterparts. Nicole Bergeson, one of the co-leaders of the TuesdaysTogether - Northeast Wisconsin chapter, lead us in a discussion on how to create email content, how to gather an email list, and other best practices.

After the meeting, a few attendees stayed to network and exchange information. I was surprised to see the Vickery Village parking lot filled with people and lawn chairs to enjoy some live music, food truck goodies, and beverages. I guess every week this happens in the summer - it’s called Tunes on Tuesday. Pretty cute! I would definitely go more if I didn’t live so dang far away.

All in all, check out TuesdaysTogether if you think it might be your thing, look into using KLEM Studios for your next photo gig, and finally, get some R&R being outside and hearing good tunes on a Tuesday.

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