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Watch my featured wedding videos:

If there's one thing I hear from my newly married couples, it's that the day goes by fast. Photos will remind you what you looked like, but what about what you felt like?


Let me tag along with you on your special day and record the giggles, the tears, the details and the dancing - the things you know happened, but happened too fast. Keep the memories inside a special wedding film to re-watch for anniversaries to come.




//Up to 10 hours of coverage

//2 videographers

//Highlight video (7-8 min)

//Doc edit with all the big moments

//RAW footage



//Up to 10 hours of coverage

//1-2 videographers

//Highlight video (4-6 min)


Customize this package with

whatever videos you want

from your wedding day!

Video Packages


• RAW footage

• Additional wedding videos

• Engagement Love Story video

  • White Facebook Icon

USB drives arrive inside of a custom engraved keepsake box.



Hi! I'm Leah. I'm a firm believer in brunch, I have two cats and I've been known to play the ukulele around campfires.


I have been filming weddings for eight years now, and I still get emotional seeing the groom's face as his sweetheart walks down the aisle. Whether your wedding is traditional or outside the box, I'd love to capture it for you so you have it for the rest of your lives and for generations to come.

Leah Mann




After 8 years of filming and editing weddings, I have chosen to no longer accept new inquiries. I will finish editing my 2023 weddings and then be done. I don't know if this is for the next several years or for forever. But I do know that filming and editing on weekends has caused me to miss valuable quality time with my loved ones. I've missed weddings and football games and birthdays to name a few - time I can't get back. Splitting my focus between weddings, my full time job that I love, and my family has become unsustainable, and so I gave myself the time and grace to choose over these last two years. I don't know the future or exactly what's in store for me, but for now I've chosen to let go of this.

I have been both dreading and looking forward to this announcement. I've learned and grown so much since the start of it all in 2015 when my coworker Britni asked me to film her ceremony. I borrowed the gear from work and made her a highlight video for free just to see if I could do it. After that I filmed a few more weddings for coworkers and friends - borrowing cameras from work, renting gear online, making a ton of mistakes along the way, and eventually saving up for my own equipment. I owe a lot to my Grandpa Ruel who left each of his grandchildren a small chunk of change when he died and I invested it into a camera, a website, lights and audio, wondering if he was looking down at me thinking my purchases with his money were a mistake. But I think he would be proud to see how much I've grown in 8 years between all the phone consultations with couples, all the snap decisions needing to be made under pressure on their wedding day, working with others to make each wedding as perfect as it can be, and editing thoughtful timeless memories for my clients. I'm not perfect, nor am I the best wedding videographer there ever was, but I do believe I have contributed a special and personal touch to this industry and that thought is the most fulfilling to me.

What's next? I'm not totally sure and I'm completely ok with that. I've considered doing family videos...and I'm particularly interested in family legacy/documentary videos - services that would be more flexible with scheduling and wouldn't have to be on weekends, or could be moved easily if I have personal plans come up. I don't know if customers would even be interested in these types of vidoes or what the market would bear for them. And even if I follow through with them it won't be for a long while. I just need a break from the pressures of running a side hustle. I've really gotten into reading and gardening and exercising and cooking. I'd love to come home from work and not worry about more work, not worry about feeling behind, and not feel guilty about taking time to myself. Making this choice has been really difficult, but it has also offered me so much relief. I'm finally ready to share it with the world! My love of love is still ever present and I'm happy to still be working in the video production industry. I may still post wedding related content - or I might not! Only time will tell. Just thank you - so much - for all of your support that has gotten me this far. Thank you!!!

<3 Leah

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